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We had another great picnic and meeting this July​!    Thanks to all who helped out.

As of 17DEC2011, zero to maybe 3 inches of snow on the ground. Most roads are bare or white ice. When will winter snowcome?
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SNOW!!   OK, all you prognosticators, who picked Oct 5th for the first snow?   Over a foot fell and some was still on the ground 10OCT2011!!

The Labor Day Cabin Tour was a success again!   Thanks to those who shared their cabins.    The Seele cabin, Marti &Deb Place (wecome to Kingvale !), and Patti & Steve Berkov;  thanks again.

As of Sunday, 10JUL2011 the snow has finally disappeared from the Kingvale area!

The picnic came off great, even with snow drifts still present under the trees.   Actually the snow provided a great source of ice to keep the sodas, beer, and other refreshments cool!

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Kingvale Property Owners & Water Users

Fall tried to turn into winter, now all has stopped!   Bare earth and little water 17DEC2011